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If there is one place in your home that needs a personal touch then it is your bedroom. We spend about a third of our lives in this intimate space so it makes sense that if you are tired (excuse the pun) of your current bedroom décor, you should change it! With these simple and effective ideas you’ll be able to transform your bedroom into a chic and stylish residence.


Headboards were once practical items protecting a sleeper from unwelcome draughts. Nowadays they have real artistic and stylistic potential and are thus ripe for a bedroom transformation!

The hardness of the material used for the headboard is crucial: hard materials such as wood or metal can add daring lines as well as a certain masculinity to contrast with softer bedroom elements. Soft or padded headboards on the other hand can be used to lean against if watching TV in bed (it’s often beneficial to have a dark colour though as this can hide any marks!).

The space above the headboard should not be ignored as it is vitally important to the aesthetic value of the bed. Leaving the wall empty can make your headboard stand out but if it is a more restrained design, pictures and decoration can give a flat surface dimension and breathe life into your bedroom!

Another handy thing to consider is a foot board – this can even out the proportions of a bed and provide a previously lacking aesthetic harmony.

Lauren antique ivory headboard for the bedroom

Lauren antique ivory headboard for the bedroom

New Item of Furniture

Introducing a fresh piece of furniture to an old room can work wonders for a bedroom, so if your room is in need of a revamp, a new piece of furniture can add a whole new bit of character to a room and be a bold statement.

For centuries blanket boxes have been employed to hoard bedding but nowadays they can be used to store all types of bedroom items like books, clothing and DVDs. Many people decide to leave the box empty and use it to place a TV, often at the bottom of the bed. However, if you plan on opening it all the time this probably isn’t a great idea. What is obvious though, is that a blanket box can give a bedroom a welcoming and cosy feel with a homespun charm.

Though the bedside cabinet is basically a practical piece, it can serve to enable greater stylistic options for the bedroom. Use of creative lighting via a traditional lamp can be used to highlight certain areas and items of artistic merit that you wish to emphasise. The top of the bedside can also be used to place flowers on – this can give a healthy aura to a living space. You have the option of displaying your favourite scented candle to give your sleeping space a pleasant aroma too.

Dressing Tables can be used to reflect the personality of their user – you! Having a beautiful and exquisite place for your daily routine not only looks good but also sets you up for the day. Much like the bedside table, you can use the dressing table to accessorise your room – you can use it to show mirrors, jewellery, perfume and whatever matches your bedroom’s theme.

White painted dressing table

A contemporary yet traditional white painted dressing table.

Matching Sheets

Matching and mixing sheets is a superb way of sprucing up your bedroom easily and cheaply. Introducing layers of decoration onto your sheets and general décor, often produces a far better and engaging bedroom area.

When a room contains two different striking patterns it’s often a good idea to make sure that there is a certain space between them to break it up, possibly with either a solid fabric or a bare wall. Alternatively, working with distinctly sized patterns can prevent similar sized motifs appearing over your bedding which can make it appear crowded and less interesting. By using multiple sizes you can generate striking eye-catching designs and make your bedroom makeover a success.

When choosing to buy new bedding, it is always best to invest in good quality, and a style and colour scheme that is timeless. This will extend the life of your sheets for years as well as accommodate any future décor changes.

Bedding patterns

Mixed up bedding patterns


Your bedroom should be considered a temple, a safe place where the atmosphere is just right for rest and comfort. Lighting is crucial to achieve this and with a few simple ideas, you can transform your bedroom from a cold barren pit into a glorious warm hideaway.

Instead of having a normal bedside lighting why not try a swing arm lamp? This allows you to alter the height and general positioning of the light source to accommodate different head heights and bed sizes, as well as adding a bit of variation according to your mood. It is also prudent to consider natural light when planning your artificial lighting – what might seem a clever place to put a lamp at 10 o’clock at night may turn out to be a waste of time and money when you realise that the area is bathed in direct sunshine during other times of the day.

In an age of shrinking house and room sizes most of us live in environments that we wish were bigger. Combat this in appearance, if not reality, with the skilful use of mirrors that can give the impression of a much larger space – especially useful if you have a tendency towards clutter!

Metal swing lamp

Metal swing lamp for bedroom

More cushions

Cushions are a superb method to brighten up your bedroom and an easy way of giving it a new lease of life for little effort or expense.

The first thing to try is simply rearranging your existing cushions in new ways to give your bedroom a different vibe – it is surprising how a small change can transform the look of a room. If this doesn’t have the desired effect though and your bedroom happens to have a neutral colour tone, it is best to choose between two and four strong colours to instil the area with a greater depth. Generally the cushions can be brighter the more neutral the colour of the room, so don’t be scared to be bold!

Having cushions all the exact same size can make things look a little solemn and strict. If you ensure that every one has different proportions, such as round or egg-shaped, you will be able to create a more interesting and cordial atmosphere.

Other useful tips include placing strong colours with straight lines in small spaces for an interesting visual effect, or making a crease down the middle in each of the cushions to create a natural and lived in look. You may also wish to rejuvenate your bed by getting a few extra pillows or even a faux fur throw.

Mixed but matching cushions for the bedroom

Mixed but matching cushions for the bedroom


Using your wardrobe to boost your bedroom is often approached from the perspective of storage rather than style. The wardrobe is the ultimate de-clutter device after all and with careful management can solve problems of storage, neatness and crowdedness. However, wardrobes also have the ability to be stylish design feature. You can choose woods with contrasting handles or wardrobes that combine different materials to create a real stylistic impact.

A good tip is to get rid of hanging storage completely if your clothes can be folded conveniently. If so, you can employ drawers, cubby-holes and storage add-ons like hooks. Additional shelving can also provide you with the adaptability to store simple boxes and boards to slide out. You can also employ baskets to stash odds and ends like ties, buckles and gloves. Unless you have one already, incorporating a mirror to either the front or the inside of one or both of the doors can save space in a crowded bedroom and make your wardrobe even more multi-functional!

By following these basic tips you can transform your bedroom with little effort and build a new world without remortgaging your house. You too can do it!

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Top tip number 1:
As in ‘Elf’, Christmas shopping tantrums are perfectly normal and allowed on Christmas eve. Just let it all out.

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Headboard Ideas.


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Cool Headboards

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Under no circumstances listen to anyone that tells you that Christmas hats are not a good idea…

Christmas Hats Vintage Photograph

Westmead Boys Home Christmas party -1948, by Sam Hood via State Library of New South Wales

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We were delighted to rediscover this collection of amazing paintings. All of these colourful delights were entries for our Picasso drawing competition that we ran a while back.

We asked children to get creative and draw their bedrooms and favourite items of furniture from our site. The response was overwhelming and the drawings and paintings so adorable that we just couldn’t resist putting them together in a gallery. Young Pablos in the making we think you’ll agree…

Dream Bedroom - Maria, 5 years-old

painting kids bedroom

Maria, age 5.

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Furniture hacks

If you’ve just downsized or are already living in a small house or flat, you may be struggling for space. An effective solution is of course simply to get rid of a lot of clutter you just don’t need, though of course this won’t solve the issue overall. You need things, it’s that straightforward.

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